About Us

Lazar Partners is a communications advisory firm for healthcare companies with novel products and innovative technologies. We work with medical device, biotechnology, and specialty pharmaceuticals companies, as well as B2B businesses targeting the healthcare sector. Here are a few reasons why we are so different from other communications consultancies:

Getting it Right the First Time: All of our clients are served by senior communications consultants with at least ten years' experience in healthcare. Our senior leadership comes from a variety of backgrounds including public and investor relations, journalism, Wall Street and the healthcare industry, leading to a multifaceted perspective on our clients� communications goals. Many of our senior consultants have worked in-house, so we understand the challenges and priorities that management teams face daily.

Constant Communication and Transparency: We insist on weekly or bi-weekly calls with our clients. As a result, we are an integral component of our clients� communications infrastructure and understand their business objectives as if they were our own. These calls serve to generate new ideas and help us make the most of opportunistic initiatives for our clients. We work off of detailed annual plans and frequently update you on our progress toward your goals.

Making the Science Relevant: We understand the science behind your products and can effectively communicate its relevance to your stakeholders, including medical professionals, investors, patients and employees. We also understand the power of validation and seek to use patients, industry analysts and physicians to strengthen our clients� stories.

Media Coverage Matters: Our team has deep relationships with all categories of media at the national and local levels, including healthcare, trade, business/financial and consumer outlets. We work in partnership with our clients to develop clear and distinct messages about companies and their products, to prepare internal and external spokespeople, and to generate a steady stream of milestone-based and proactive media coverage throughout the year. We leverage medical meetings and speaking opportunities. We piggyback off competitive news and the editorial landscape to continually identify media opportunities where we can help our clients tell their stories. We also leverage opportunities in the digital space including blogs, chat rooms and social networks.

Partnering with the Right Clients: Lazar Partners is selective when taking on clients, knowing that the right fit is critical to our joint success. Typically, we work with late-stage biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and medical technology organizations that sit on the brink of launching a product or have recently received approval because we know we will be able to do meaningful work, deliver the full scope of our expertise and unleash our creative thinking.

Focus on Our Clients: We measure success by how and what we deliver for our clients. We focus on delivering excellent service to our existing clients, rather than prospecting for new business. As a result, our business has grown through word-of-mouth based on recommendations from the people with whom we currently or have previously worked.

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