Key Opinion Leader Engagement

Prior to any medical meeting, we review the meeting agenda and delineate which podium speakers by virtue of their topic should receive our clients’ scientific presentations. We also organize private meetings with key scientific leaders, as well as corporate meetings with the leadership of key medical societies. Lazar Partners has worked with KOLs in GI, dermatology, neurology, oncology, endocrinology, bariatrics, pulmonology, cardiology and primary care. We often are responsible for maintaining these relationships by keeping both the physician and professional leadership teams of these societies abreast of our clients’ news.

Our KOL Management Program is tailored to meet the needs of your company. Services include:

  • KOL Mapping/Management: Knowing who is likely to advocate for or detract from your product or new indication is key to planning clinical trials and product launches. Specifically, we provide:
    • KOL Identification
    • KOL Profiling
    • Publication Analysis
    • Rising stars Identification
    • Dynamic Database Creation and ongoing management
  • KOL Communications: We can manage your KOL database and ensure that they are among the first to know when you have news.
  • Conference Meetings: With busy schedules, conferences often provide the perfect venue for gathering a group of KOLs around an issue of interest, such as an advisory board meeting, or just to stay in touch and learn about what is happening in the field.
  • Relationship Benchmarking: Sometimes it’s helpful to have us ask the tough questions when you want to know what the leaders really think. We have programs through which we regularly check in with KOLs with baseline and topical questions.
  • One-to-One Meetings: We can help organize ongoing "road shows" to help your leadership stay in touch with the people whose opinions matter most. We organize schedules, develop presentations and conduct follow-up/feedback interviews.
  • Societies and Patient Organizations: We ensure that the third parties that healthcare providers and their patients turn to for information are well informed about your progress. We arrange meetings and seek out partnership opportunities.
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